EzyDog Life Jackets

Oh my dog! We are such fans of the EzyDog life jacket. Not only do they help us swim, but we look super stylish in them too.

Mila and I are not very strong swimmers as our butts seem to float but the rest of us doesn’t.. Our mummy and daddy were so worried about us drowning when we go to the river or beach that they decided to get us life jackets to keep us safe.

Not only is a life jacket a good idea for pups like us who need a little help or confidence in the water, but they’re also a must if you are taking your dog on a boat.

Like humans, dogs can be great swimmers, but can’t swim for long periods of time. If something terrible were to happen on a boat I’m sure you would want your best friend safe too while waiting to be rescued.

The EzyDog life jacket comes in a wide range of sizes to suit all dog breeds and is available in red and yellow for easy visibility in the water.

The jacket is secured with one strap around your pups neck and two straps around the belly. There are floatation panels across the back and also part way around the neck. There is a handle on the back of the jacket that you can pick up your pup out of the water by if need be. The jacket doesn’t restrict movement at all, keeping legs clear of the straps.

The EzyDog life jacket is very reasonably priced, averaging $50 to $60, with prices varying based on the size. Although you can’t put a price on safety, we found the EzyDog life jacket to be the best price for quality and it is also Australian designed. We have seen other brands upwards of $100 and also some cheap ones on eBay.

We love our EzyDog life jackets and receive lots of compliments and enquiries about them wherever we go. We are much better and confident swimmers now.

The life jackets are available at some pet stores and also online. We would suggest paying close attention to the size charts when making your purchase, as the sizes can be quite deceptive. I wear an XS and Mila wears an XXS.

Remember to always supervise your pup in the water, even if they are wearing a life jacket, and enjoy the summer swimming.

Where is your favourite place to take your pup swimming? We would love to read your suggestions in the comments section below.

Cheerio, Archie

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Article first published on October 6, 2017