Snuffle Dog Beer for dogs

That’s right, you read that correctly. A beer for dogs. Finally, you can have a beer with your best mate!

I am always looking longingly at my daddy when he is enjoying a nice refreshing beer and finally Bone Appetit Treat Co Snuffle Dog Beer has come to my rescue. A dog beer that is good for me!!

We attended the Heir of the Dog beer launch at the Balmoral Hotel a couple of weeks ago and got to meet the lovely Snuffle beer lady! After a photo and a chat, my pawrents were convinced that we couldn’t leave without a four pack.

The verdict? So yummy! As a novelty treat that is good for me, what’s not to love!

Of course it’s not true beer in that it’s very different to what my daddy drinks. There is no alcohol, I don’t want to get drunk. It is not sparkling (no bubbles), always a good thing or I’ll be burping and farting even more than usual!

It’s actually good for me as it is full of mineral oils, vitamins and other doggy goodies. And best of all it’s chicken flavoured, my favourite!

I know what you are thinking, Where can I get my paws on Snuffle Dog Beer?! The answer, you can order online from their website or you might be lucky enough to come across the Snuffle Dog Beer lady and her van at a local pet event. You can find out where she will be by following her on Facebook.

Snuffle Dog Beer

  • 0% alcohol and no gasses
  • Contains chicken and vegetable protein extracts
  • Unopened keeps for 18 months at room temperature, and opened keeps for 48 hours in the refrigerator
  • Best served at room temperature

Is there another cool new product that you’d like me to review? Let me know by dropping me an email.

Cheerio, Archie

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