Happy Easter! Its that chocolatey time of year again

While you are enjoying your chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns, it can be tempting to give your dog a little bit of your treat – but it’s important that you don’t give in no matter how big their eyes get.

Chocolate and hot cross buns are toxic to dogs. But there is good news, we have compiled a list of chocolate alternatives that are completely safe for your furry best friend.

Easter foods dogs should avoid

Easter hot cross buns are bad for dogs

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a big risk to dogs around this time of year. Though it’s not actually the bun but the delicious raisins and sultanas that are harmful to dogs. Even a small amount of grapes, sultanas or raisins can cause acute kidney failure and result in death.

Easter hot cross buns are bad for dogs


Chocolate contains theobromine, which acts as a cardiac stimulant and diuretic. Dogs ingesting chocolate can lead to convulsions and even death. You should never let your dog eat chocolate of any kind. Darker coloured chocolates contain more theobromine, making it particularly toxic to dogs but all types of chocolate can be potentially harmful.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to get into chocolate, particularly around the holidays. Some of the symptoms associated with chocolate poisoning include; frequent urination, vomiting, weakness, fever, fast breathing, shivering, panting and diarrhoea. If you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate it is important to contact a veterinarian immediately.

Your dog doesn’t have to miss out on Easter treats altogether though, consider one of these a dog safe alternative to chocolate.

Easter treats for dogs


It looks and even smells just like chocolate! Carob is a safe and significantly heathier option to chocolate for your pooch. Carob is extracted from the pods of the carob tree and has a flavour that is reminiscent of chocolate. Carob does not contain the toxins that are hazardous to your dog. It is important to remember that like chocolate for us, carob should only be given to your pooch in small portions.

Yoghurt Drops

Though white chocolate contains less of the toxic substance it can still be harmful to your dog. Instead, yoghurt is a great alternative to white chocolate. There are many brands on the market and plenty of recipes online to make your own.

If you are feeling creative, fill some Easter chocolate moulds with melted carob chips or yoghurt drops for some festive, doggo safe treats.

We wish you and your dog a happy and safe Easter long weekend. Enjoy your Easter treats!!!

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