Conservation detection dog helps search for injured koalas affected by NSW bushfires

Four-year-old English Springer Spaniel, Taylor has been playing an important role in saving koalas after the devastating bush fires in NSW.

Taylor has been training since she was 8 weeks old to sniff our koalas, quolls, foxes, cats, rats and rabbits.

“Every time she smelt koala poo or koala fur, she’d get her favourite reward which, as a puppy, was a tennis ball and treats,” trainer Ryan Tate said.

Conservation detection dogs like Taylor and her trainer Ryan are being used to search for injured Koalas in the recent bush fires. She is trained to sniff out live Koalas and identify fresh koala poop so the volunteers at the Port Macquaree Koala Hospital can find and treat the injured Koalas.

“Taylor’s very speedy and very dedicated and covers a lot more area much faster than we do so it’s been a great asset.”