It’s no surprise that Australians love dogs, there is estimated to be around 4.2 million dogs in Australia. But what is Australia’s most popular dog breed?

Here are the most popular dog breeds in Australia according to the Australian National Kennel Council registration analysis.

#20 Great Dane
A gentle giant
The Great Dane is an intelligent, loyal and affectionate dog.
Did you know
Great Danes were once thought to ward away ghosts and evil spirits.

#19 Jack Russell Terrier
Strong willed and hard working
The Jack Russell terrier is a happy, vocal and energetic dog.
Did you know
A Jack Russell Terrier, Bothy, was the first dog to go to both the North and South Poles.

#18 Rhodesian Ridgeback
A very dignified dog
The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a strong, powerful, large and bold dog with a sensitive nature.
Did you know
Not all Rhodesian Ridgebacks have the distinctive ridge in their fur.

#17 Bull Terrier
Brains and brawn
The Bull Terrier is smart, strong, very affectionate and love company.
Did you know
Bull Terriers are the only recognised breed to have triangular shaped eyes.

#16 British Bulldog
Great family dog
The Bulldog is peaceful, brooding and goofy.
Did you know
Most bulldogs can’t swim.

#15 Australian Cattle Dog
Brave, protective and hardworking
The Australian Cattle Dog is very devoted to their owners and families.
Did you know
An Australian Cattle Dog, Bluey, was the oldest dog to ever live (1910-1939).

#14 Poodle (Toy)
Lively and loving
The Toy Poodle make a wonderful companion.
Did you know
Poodle fur never stops growing, unlike most dogs that shed.

#13 Schnauzer (Miniature)
Ideal family pet and watchdog
The Miniature Schnauzer is a spirited, lively and active little dog.
Did you know
Their moustache doesn’t just look good, its Schnauzer armour. The Miniature Schnauzer were ratters and their fancy facial hair would protect their face from the rats.

#12 Boxer
Always a puppy
The Boxer is very playful, energetic, friendly and loyal dog.
Did you know
The record for the Longest Tongue on a Dog goes to a Boxer named Brandy. The tongue was 43 centimetres!

#11 Pug
What a character
The Pug is a peppy, rambunctious, loving and affectionate dog.
Did you know
The oldest breed of dog, Pugs have been around since 400 BC.

#10 Cocker Spaniel
Eager to please
The Cocker Spaniels are happy, friendly and affectionate companions.
Did you know
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) have a pet Cocker Spaniel named Lupo.

#9 Rottweiler
Unconditionally loyal
Rottweilers are protective and brave, good-natured and obedient.
Did you know
The Rottweiler almost went extinct. They were used to protect money for cattlemen, but once the railway was put into place their services were no longer needed.

#8 French Bulldog
Curious, sweet and comical
The French Bulldog is social, playful, alert and affectionate.
Did you know
There was a champion French Bulldog on board the Titanic named Gamin de Pycombe. He was insured for $750, which is equivalent to about $18,000 in today’s time!

#7 American Staffordshire Terrier
Big and brave
The American Staffordshire Terrier is friendly and attentive, also very devoted, loyal and courageous.
Did you know
The American Staffordshire Terrier was bred to be fighting dogs, trained to attack bulls and bears.

#6 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Affectionate family dog
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gets along with everyone, are affectionate and undemanding.
Did you know
King Charles II influenced the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel name. The King was very fond of the breed and would not go anywhere without them.

#5 Golden Retriever
Adores children
The Golden Retriever is a Reliable, Friendly, Trustworthy family dog.
Did you know
An Australian Golden Retriever, Charlie, holds the Guinness World Record for the loudest bark at 113.1 decibels!

#4 Border Collie
Totally devoted
The Border Collie is always ready to work, attentive, lively and alert.
Did you know
Border Collies can trace their lineage back to one dog named Old Hemp born in 1893.

#3 German Shepherd Dog
Highly intelligent
The German Shepherd is a watchful, curious, loyal, confident and intelligent dog.
Did you know
One of the most popular German Shepherd dogs was Rin Tin Tin. He was rescued from a WWI battlefield and went on to star in 27 Hollywood films.

#2 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Boisterous and brave
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is bold, reliable, fearless and affectionate.
Did you know
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was nicknamed “the nanny dog” in the late 19th century due to their love and devotion for children.

And Australia’s most popular dog breed is…. *drum roll*

#1 Labrador Retriever
Affectionate with everyone
Labrador Retrievers are naturally social, gentle, kind, forgiving and outgoing.
Did you know
Labrador retrievers are the most common breed used for guide dogs because of their desire to please.

What is your favourite breed and why? Let us know in the comments section below!

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