The Atrium Hotel first to offer dog-friendly accommodation in Western Australia

After the success of a two week trial earlier in April, the hotel is now offering pet bookings for stays after June 1, 2019.

Atrium marketing manager, Jacob Goodlich, told the Mandurah Mail:

“Pet culture is different now – when I was a kid a dog was just ‘the dog’ and now he’s a member of the family or ‘fur baby’.

“Being part of the family means travelling with the family and being in the family photos.”

“People want to travel with their pets, even if just being practical and wanting to save money on kennels.”

Atrium Hotel taking pet bookings for stays after June 1, 2019

The inspiration behind the idea has been attributed to the pet travel industry in North America and Europe, and the response locally has been generally receptive.

“It’s been mostly positive, and a small percentage negative. This is expected as sometimes the Australian public can be averse to change, but often it’s a knee jerk reaction or a misunderstanding,” said Mr Goodlich.

“We have written extensive guidelines within our pet policy to ensure that everyone is happy with no compromise, never forgetting that we are a hotel first and guests are here to have a pleasant stay.”

“The main concern has been regarding allergies and we are looking into new cleaning equipment that removes allergens.”

You can view the Atrium Hotel pet policy here:

Archie and I would love to stay there and having been dropping hints like mad, such as leaving brochures around the house for the humans to find. Fingers crossed…

Mila xxx