Sunday October 16 was the biannual Pugs in Perth meet up. A chance for all pug parents and pug lovers to come together and enjoy everything pug. All were welcome, including pug crosses and the pugless.

The wonderful Pugs in Perth organisers brought together the Perth pug community at Bayswater Riverside Gardens and held a raffle and cupcake sale to raise funds for local pug rescue groups.

As the event included a pug parade, we had to ensure we were dressed appropriately, so Archie and I put on our Pugtoberfest best! There were so many adorable pugs in adorable costumes strutting their stuff, including a fireman, Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman, Pikachu and more!

Pugs are such a social and lovable breed. With so many pugs of all shapes, sizes, ages and mixes, it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about.

Keep an eye out for the next pug fest and join the Pugs in Perth Facebook page to get your pug fix.

Pug Life forever!

Mila xxx