Now that winter is nearly upon us, it’s starting to get cold and rainy out. Not very nice conditions for walkies, I know.

We can get a little restless and bored though, so here’s a quick list of my favourite rainy day activities.

Car Rides

I love the car! If there are a few errands you need to run, consider taking us with you. We love to be out and about with you — just don’t leave us alone in the car and remember we need toilet breaks on longer trips.

Puppy play dates

Everybody loves visitors, so consider surprising us with a fury friend. Indoor play dates can be just as fun as outdoor ones!

Pet friendly cafes

Feel like a hot coffee and comfort food? Why not treat yourself and take us with you. There are loads of places around Perth that welcome your four legged friends into their cafes, restaurants, bars etc. Use our handy directory to find:

Indoor games

Just because we can’t play outside doesn’t mean we can’t play together. Maybe a bit of tug of war or hallway fetch with a soft toy?

Stop. Pamper time

When you look good you feel good! Whether its a trip to the groomers or just a bit of home papering with a bath and a brush. Either way we will love you for it. You can find a groomer near you in our directory.

Long life chew treats

MMMmmm… Long life chew treats and Kong toys are a tasty way to keep us entertained while its wet out and you’re curled up with a good book.

New Tricks

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? We love to keep our brains working and learning new things. Plus, making you proud of us is the best feeling ever.

Netflix and chill

Sometimes there is nothing better than curling up on the couch and binge watching Netflix with you. Maybe even consider getting my brush and giving me a bit of a pamper while we watch.

Do you have any Rainy Day suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

Mila xxx